Research and development

Our factory insists on technology innovation and cooperating with universities and research institutes by the combination of production and study to ensure its strong innovation ability. Now it has had tens of domestic leading technological achievements with proprietary intellectual property rights, including high blast temperature technique, novel heat retainer technique, GD burner technique, air-gas dual regenerative technology, new GD grate technology, step-type GD lime shaft-kiln technology, GD shaft kiln technology, GD homogeneous feeding equipment, GD energy-saving discharging technique and GD blast cap technology. Our company has the capability to a diversified technical services.


Production on the basis of your drawing.


Industry furnace design and construction.

Design and construction for hot blast stove, pellet furnace, iron mixer furnace, lime kiln, reheating furnace and other industry furnace.


Other related solution.

Corollary equipment production.
Providing systematic energy saving solutions for high energy-consuming enterprises on the basis of its technology advantage and financial resources.