• How long has your factory set up?

    Henan Guangda Industrial Furance Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001.

  • How many staff in your factory?

    We have more than 360 staff including 56 technology management Bachelor and 9 master.

  • What’s your products scope?

    Our main products are as follows: Thermal shock resistance of Andalusite brick, Cordierite-mullite bricks, Corundum-mullite brick, low creep high alumina brick, dense clay brick, Pipe combined brick, Checker brick for various hot blast stove, AZM zirconium corundum refractory ball, aluminum zirconium chrome composite refractory ball, low creep high alumina ball and ф 40mm-ф 80mm specification mechanism high alumina ball.

  • What’s your factory scale and how many production line?

    Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters and our main equipment are as follows: 2 sets of automatic Proportioning system, 8 sets of 400-ton automatic program-controlled Spiral press, 6 sets of 650-ton Numerical control friction press, 50 sets of 60-ton Numerical control ball press machine, 1 set of Vibration hydraulic forming machine,5 sets of high temperature down-draft kiln, 1 set of 165m automatic high-temperature tunnel kiln, 1 set of 118m automatic high-temperature tunnel kiln, etc.

  • What’s your factory annual capacity?

    Our factory annual capacity is 200000 Tons.